Saturday, August 13, 2005

Riding The Wave

From the United For Peace & Justice website:

Sept. 24-26 D.C. Anti-war Mobilization
Three Days of Action for Peace and Justice in Washington, D.C.

Saturday, September 24
Massive March, Rally & Anti-war Fair
Gather 11:00 the Washington Monument

fallmobe_sticker_english_smSat., Sept. 24 -
Operation Ceasefire Concert

Sun., Sept. 25 -
Interfaith Service,
Grassroots Training

Mon., Sept. 26 -
Grassroots Lobby Day and
Mass Nonviolent Direct Action and
Civil Disobedience

UFPJ approach to 9/24: Unity in the Streets
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Here's a partial list of groups and folks who also plan to be there:
Code Pink
Vietnam Veterans Against The War
U.S. Labor Against The War
DC Anti-War Network (DAWN)
Many of UFPJ's member groups (massive list)
---and many more to be announced when I can get the time.

And in Great Britain, a show of solidarity on the 24th in Central London:

Military Families Against The War

Stop The War Coalition
Campaign For Nulear Disarmament
Muslim Association of Britain

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, said back in June:
"The peace movement, demoralized after the unsuccessful efforts to both stop the war and get George Bush out of office, must lift itself out of the doldrums and into the streets and the corridors of power. We must push our representatives to sign on to the new legislation, keep demanding an investigation into the Downing Street Memo, and pressure the media to cover these new developments in a serious, respectful way. We should march in July 4 parades with the "Bring the Troops Home" message, reinvigorate our local vigils, step up the counter-recruitment efforts that are making it so difficult for the military to get enough new soldiers for this war. And the next big anti-war mobilization scheduled for September 24 in Washington DC, coupled with lobbying on September 26, must be huge.
We've got new momentum. Now let's ride the wave. "
This is one of the most important events you may ever be able to join--be there!

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