Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Thespian Love

eRobin over at Fact-esque hit me with a movie blogtag that originated from Thomas at Newsrack, and as this is my first, I figure I damn well better get to it. 4thAnn_postertmbgWhat are the categories?

The envelope, please...

Total Number of Films Owned: Does this include the Beta tapes I can no longer play? I would guess, combining all media, that it's about 150.

Last Film Bought: I picked up 2 at the same time--Big Fish and The Big Lebowski. I'm mad about Tim Burton, the Coens, and Jeff Bridges (ubermensch).

Last Film Watched: Aliens (collector's edition).

Five Favorite Films That I Watch Frequently or That Mean A Lot To Me:
Because no human being of heart should have to answer this question under these limitations, I'm just throwing out some of the ones that I love. This is not to say there aren't others I don't love as much or more. But it's hard to circumscribe oneself so drastically, when it comes to such a sensual art form. So: John Sayles' "Matewan"; Ridley Scott's "Alien", "Angels In America", "King's Row", "School Daze", "O Brother Where Art Thou?", "The Magnificent Ambersons", "The Natural", "Bound", "Titus", anything by Sam Mendes, "Stop Making Sense", oh, enough.

I'll just post a list of movies I own, later. The problem is I can't choose amongst them...they're like my children and this is like Sophie's choice.

A polenta for sure. Thanks, Robin.

UPDATE: I'm tagging Jackie over at The Airing of Grievances, poputonian at Kidding on the Square, and grannyinsanity--On The Edge in Montana. Get busy, you.

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