Thursday, February 01, 2007

Support the Troops; Send Them to Washington

John Warner is trying to craft a resolution against escalation that the Senate can approve, and some clockwork Republican yes men have cranked up that old piano roll, "Underming the Troops". Now here is a man who, regardless of what you think of his politics, proved himself in the Navy and Marine Corps during World War II, Korea, and beyond.

So who the fuck is Jim DeMint, Mr. "Gays and single mothers should be barred from teaching", Mr. "Been a senator for less than a minute", Mr. "Zero military service under his belt", who is DeMint to pass judgement on John Warner's leadership?
"“It is clearly not an act of leadership,” said Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who joined two of his colleagues Wednesday in dismissing Mr. Warner’s proposal as they sought to hold off a Senate repudiation of the president’s plan."
You can run along home now, Jimmy; the grown-ups will handle it. And speaking of grown-ups, here's what the troops think, Jimmy:

Join the Troops. Stop the Escalation.
(Thanks to BagNews Notes for the link.)

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