Saturday, November 07, 2009

Strange New Fruit From the Same Old Tree

Been a long time since they've been able to have themselves a lynchin' in North Carolina. Them animal spirits keep building up and up until somebody's just gonna have to cut loose. And since all this political correctness, a decent Amuriken has to find his fun where he can take it.

Now that the reactionary fringe has managed to make "standing up to political correctness" a synonym for "proud of my ignorant hate-mongering", anything goes, even among those who once felt constrained to at least appear un-bigoted. Bet rope sales up on the Hill have been off the charts since this nasty bitch has been stirrin' up the good ol' boys. Hey, yew know whut, Miz Sue? How 'bout we put all the Muslims in those FEMA Death Camps!

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