Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let's Have a Big Hand...

I am continually amazed by the creativity and artistry of the AT&T Global "hands" ads.

They are done by a huge agency, BBDO, which is in turn the subsidiary of an even larger holding company, Omnicom Group. When I first began seeing the ads I thought they were computer-generated, until I looked closer and could actually detect the tiny lines and folds of the human hands beneath the paint.

leopard hands
These are living paintings, trompe l'oeil taken to an organic extreme, and every time I see a new one, like the one now in February's Bon Appetit, I get as excited as a little kid. The artist, Guido Daniele, seems to channel the drafstmanship of his ancestor Da Vinci. There is real soul in, for instance, this elephant rendering:

Elephant Hand Art

He does elephants particularly well:

elephant hands

But he's gifted with birds, too:

swan hand

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