Saturday, May 01, 2010

Thanks for Nothing, Barry

What we have here is another Clinton.  Unfortunately I was too clueless to realize what we were selling down the river when Bill was in office.  I believed he was the great liberal hope.  Now I know how he fucked immigrants and NAFTA signatories, how he cemented the monopolies begun under Reagan, how he cut loose the gays and the poor in order to make shitty deals with the fascists who hounded him for non-existent murders. And it was never a secret how he kissed off the dead and dying in genocidal Rwanda.  This is the model to which our President now aspires. This is the nutless, powerless, gutless wonder of the ages that he now aims to simulate. No wonder he studded his cabinet and administration with Clintonian sell-outs. No wonder the right laughs at us.  No wonder we can't even get our own people to turn out for demonstrations.

We are a joke. We can't even work up a decent righteous anger.  We deserve to go down in flames.  I didn't vote for a government that gave its ass to the people who planned its destruction.  I used to believe in democracy, but now I know better.  Bring on the dinosaurs with saddles.

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