Friday, December 10, 2010

Revenge of the South

TPM points out that the incoming House GOP Chairs are overwhelmingly male (all but 1) and exclusively white. True, but what is more telling are the areas of the country from which they come:
  • 9--South/Southwest
  • 4--Great Lakes Midwest
  • 2--California Great Flakes Region
  • 1--Washington State, John McCain Region
  • 1--New York, 7th Richest U.S. County Region 
Note that out of 17 Chairs, more than half come from the southern climes.  They never forgave us for defeating them in what they still call the "War of Northern Agression", and by God, they shall have their revenge!  If they can't secede with guns, they will accomplish it by enshrining politically poisonous legislation until the educated north becomes either irrelevant or exhausted.  Either way, the balkanization of the Union continues apace.