Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Triumph of the 1%

I guess this (via Yglesias) makes it official:


The Democratic party is now as snuggled up to business and corporate interests as the Republicans. And note how the drop in business PAC money to Repugs in the last 2 election cycles equates to the increases to Dems. And as the article demonstrates further down, the contributions given by labor--that bugaboo of our kleptocracy and the Pavlovian bell of the lumpenbourgeoisie--have been miniscule compared to the flood of cash from the Chamber of Commerce, its dons, and its minions. At this point, business knows it really doesn't matter who gets in anymore, because their kept pols will be taking care of them regardless.

As Joseph Stiglitz knows, it's nothing more than the 1% taking care of itself.

I believe that our Darwin-hating electorate would find all this eminently satisfying (survival of the fittest and all that) if they only had the brains to grasp it. But they don't have to...their betters are doing it for them. When they wake up one day with their entire extended families crammed into one rented apartment because the house went into foreclosure and Grandma has no safety net, and doing self-surgery in the bathroom because they can't afford the glorious free market health system, and going to work with bronchitis because they can't afford to take a day off from the blessedly union-free Wal-Mart where they ended up having to work, the reactionary Right will find new scapegoats for them to blame, scapegoats whose powerlessness and irrelevance will ensure that no serious challenge will ever be mounted to the real criminals behind their woes.