Saturday, October 01, 2005

So They Broke The Law (Again)

Literacy is the path to CommunismAccording to Editor & Publisher:

"The Bush
violated laws prohibiting the use of covert propaganda when it secretly paid broadcaster columnist Armstrong Williams to promote its education policies, the U.S. Government Accountability Office said Friday...
The GOA's report also uncovered a previously undisclosed case in which the Education Department had commissioned a newspaper article. The article, on the "declining science literacy of students," was distributed by the North American Precis Syndicate and appeared in numerous small newspapers around the country, according to the report in the Times. The government's role in the writing of the article, which praised the department's role in promoting science education, was never disclosed."
Now, this is not a surprise. We who follow these things have been watching the Department of Propaganda spewing its nonsense for years out of this administration. Remember the TV ads faked up as news reports on the "benefits" of the new Medicare drug plan, right down to releasing talking points to news station anchors to be read during the braodcasts? Those were ruled illegal, too. In March, TalkLeft highlighted a lengthy NYTimes story on the continuing Bush propaganda war, and reported that at least two laws and regulations had been violated or broken by the administration.

So they did it again. Yawn.

What will be newsworthy will be the day they are arrested and prosecuted. I expect to be in my grave before I see that.

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