Thursday, May 25, 2006

Alert the Media: Families Living Together!

Thanks to the booming economy, high wages, and the growing job market, families discover one another again---in the bathroom, the basement, the attic, over the garage, and in that room they thought they had converted to a den. In almost any other country in the world this would be a real yawner, the equivalent of the Times blatting "Televisions Now Found In Every Household!" But here, in the land of the endless conservative kvetch to return to the nuclear household of the 50's suburbs, the concept of families even seeing each other every day, let alone living together, is looked on as aberration.

But fret not, Ayn Randys. If George and Grover's economic "family values" project maintains its momentum, can a return to the nostalgic days of Jacob Riis and those extra-cozy walk-ups full of family members and more be far behind?

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