Thursday, May 18, 2006

More Down Time

Been in a car accident. Out of commission for a bit.

Update: Below are some shots of our now totalled car. I was riding in the passenger's seat/ We were hit in the left rear quarter panel as we crossed a city intersection, on a green light, on our way to our Wednesday night peace vigil. The damage to the driver's side doesn't look so bad here, but the guy who hit us left a chuck of his bumper in our tire:
sm_Wrecked Trooper 17 May 004
According to people who saw what happened, our car was lifted up and rolled over onto its right side, then skidded across the intersection into a fence.
sm_Wrecked Trooper 17 May 007
I was braced against the ceiling as the road slid past me a few inches away, and I heard the glass shatter.
sm_Wrecked Trooper 17 May 012
They took us to the ER by ambulance. More later.

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