Monday, August 28, 2006

When Bill Gates Walks Into A Bar...

This is the "duh" factor in Republican economic interpretations:
“Some people who aren’t partisans say, ‘Yes, the economy’s pretty good, so why are people so agitated and anxious?’ ” said Frank Luntz, a Republican campaign consultant. “The answer is they don’t feel it in their weekly paychecks.”

But Mr. Luntz predicted that the economic mood would not do significant damage to Republicans this fall because voters blamed corporate America, not the government, for their problems.
As if there was a difference?

Buchco and its shills have repeated their triumphal crowing about how great the economy is going so often that finally, finally the rank and file of the country is starting to notice that what CEOs are raking in isn't trickling down much for them, and hasn't for some time. Wages aren't keeping pace with the rest of the economy, and the housing bubble is losing air. Unions have been abandoned by the working stiff after a prolonged campaign by Republicans and corporate America to destroy them. Downsizing has put labor in its a disposable, almost unnecessary part of making money. Workers are weaker than ever, and losing ground fast as Bush's policies feed ever bigger chunks of the pie to the fat cats.

Here's what's happening in the country of Riggsveda: the economy took a downturn during the last contract negotiations, and as a result, two years' of seniority was lost over 4 years, and its accompanying raises. In addition, share of health care benefits went up and raises were eliminated for 2 years. Finally, a large merger that led to layoffs finally claimed the job of the Riggsveda consort, who has been looking for work for 6 months, and has no prospects of making anywhere near what he once did. An unexpected car accident took a chunk of savings that would have otherwise remained untouched, and Bush's vaunted tax cuts have had no, let me repeat that, NO affect whatsoever on the amount of money we send to the IRS every year.

So when I see this:
“There are two economies out there,” Mr. Cook, the political analyst, said. “One has been just white hot, going great guns. Those are the people who have benefited from globalization, technology, greater productivity and higher corporate earnings.

“And then there’s the working stiffs,’’ he added, “who just don’t feel like they’re getting ahead despite the fact that they’re working very hard. And there are a lot more people in that group than the other group.”
I think somebody's starting to get it. Then when I see this:
“Many aren’t seeing significant increases in their take-home pay,” Mr. Paulson said. “Their increases in wages are being eaten up by high energy prices and rising health care costs, among others.”

At the same time, he said that the Bush administration was not responsible for the situation, pointing out that inequality had been increasing for many years. “It is neither fair nor useful,” Mr. Paulson said, “to blame any political party.”
I realize the same old horseshit is still circulating in the nation's political veins.

Isn't it time to clean this fucking stable?

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