Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Lead Role in a Cage?

I'm worn down, and not because Dennis Kucinich gave in. At this point the POS would be worth passing for only 2 reasons:

1) it would piss off the Republicans and all their little ignoramus tools, and
2) it will give us a starting point to create an actual health care reform program.

Personally, I'm too desperate for some glimmer of light to give in totally to cynicism, but I fear that the miserable display of "courage" the Dems have treated us to this past year is a preview of what we have to look forward to in the fight to make something out of this pig's ear. That fight is going to be hard and ugly and there will be no glory in it and so it will probably be lost. I hope I'm wrong. But if we end up in 2012 looking back on 4 years' worth of Mitch McConnell's harpy shit splatted over every decent thing that the party of Phineas attempted, I won't be a bit surprised. And it will be a long time before Jason and the fucking Argonauts arrive.

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