Saturday, July 10, 2010

It Works Both Ways

Jesus Christ, I'm away from the news for a week and when I come back the world is even more lunatic than it was when I left (no small feat). They want to pass a castle doctrine law in PA, and more and more of these laws expand the right to "self-defense" beyond the home to anywhere one "has a legal right to be". Which means if some yutz with a gun mistakenly thinks I am a threat to him while I'm getting coffee in the 7-11, he can waste me, and thanks to the restrictions on filing lawsuits in such situations, neither I nor my survivors can do anything about it it once it comes out that I was actually reaching for a bag of cheese doodles and not a knife.

Well, ya know what? Right-wing reactionary survivalist loons aren't the only people who have guns. Contrary to your comfy little stereotype, liberals own and shoot them, too. In fact, I have a few right down the hall, and I know how to use them. And I'm sick to death of hearing this constant neanderthalian whining about how the whole world wants to take away your toys and how you're the only people who have any rights.

Come on, assholes...I know you're looking for an excuse to waste the rest of the world. Just try it, Cowboy Curtis. Thanks to your own loophole, your spawn won't be able to sue me.

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