Saturday, January 01, 2011

"...You Must Move On or I Will Bury You"

Thinking of the shameful battle that has raged over illegal immigration, and how fear of brown interlopers has gotten all conflated with fear of brown terrorists in the skies, and how nativism is undergoing a resurgence but not a facelift--the face of it is as ugly as was 130 years ago--made me think of the video below.

And I was thinking, too, of how the right has ginned up a panic over Obama giving their land back to the Indians; how the inherent, deep-seated guilt borne of 500 years of genocide and theft had rendered the descendants of the imperialist class nearly blind with rage at the idea of returning stolen goods, no matter how hare-brainedly false the whole story is.

Humanity is a thieving hive of tribal dominations, small clubs compelled by aggression and power-seeking to endlessly visit torment on each other by any means at their disposals. The hypocrisy of powerful elites quailing at the idea of eating even a little of the shit they force down the gullets of the weak or of losing a tiny bit of the power structure built on the bodies of millions of ancient victims is no surprise. They know what they themselves would want to do if the roles were reversed, and rightly fear. But human nature being what it is, such changes would only alter the power ratio, not the individuals themselves, and that's what is standing in the way of a human evolution. We are a bloody race, and no one has clean hands, no matter what their color, creed, or homeland. When given the chance to exercise power, the powerful take what they want, eliminate the competition, write the laws, and re-write the history. But there's always blood in the water, even for the victors.

Oh, and Happy New Year!