Friday, March 25, 2005

How's My Hair?

The Executive addresses the Senate.


Update: For those who have been wondering about these little guys, they are cotton-top tamarins, little squirrel-sized monkeys who live in South America. They are among the cutest and friendliest of primates, and like all tamarins, they are endangered.

The species include the golden lion tamarin,
whose coat is stunningly gorgeous,

and the emperor, who looks like
a little old mandarin.

The cotton-top is the Gary Shandling of the bunch, hence the title of the post.

The males, even young unmated ones, share childcare of even the newborns, and they have been observed talking to their young to encourage them to eat solid food and learn to speak. If you are interested in the babies, see here.

No equivalent between tamarins and the smarmy evil of the current Executive and Legislative branches is intended. The picture below explains how I made the connection:


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