Sunday, March 13, 2005

Leaving For Parts Far Too Well-Known

Dear Fellow Suffering Bastards,

I'm off on business travel, and will probably not be able to post through the week, either here or at Corrente and American Street.

When I get back I'm going to disable the comments for awhile, so if you have anything to say to the general public while you're here, you better get it in now. My contact info is on the sidebar if you need to notify me of any unexpected inheritance or job offer.

In the meantime, you can amuse yourselves by rifling through the archives, and be amazed at the overwhelming evidence of perception and foresight exhibited therein. Or, if you share my sensibilities, you can just whip up a frothy tropical confection and listen to Tom Waits and Wang Chung till your eyes cross and you don't give a shit who the government disappears. Here's a handy recipe I particularly like. Wear something colorful while you shake it:
Mai Tai

* 2 oz Light Rum
* 1 oz Triple Sec
* 1 tsp Powdered Sugar
* 1 tbsp Almond Syrup (Orgeat )
* 1 tbsp Grenadine
* 1 tbsp Lime Juice
* Crushed Ice

Shake with ice and strain into large glass 1/2 full of crushed ice. Top with a maraschino cherry and a pineapple wedge. Top with a dash of 151-proof rum for extra kick.

So consider this an open thread if you want, maybe in the revered tradition of beloved Billmon. Drink up, friends.

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