Monday, September 12, 2005

A Change Is Gonna Come

Brian Williams, long a cheerleader of the Bush regime, went to NOLA and had an epiphany. Now the news anchor of one of the top broadcast stations in the country has used the word “criminal” in relation to George W. Bush and his administration:
“There was water, there was food, and there were choppers to drop both. Why no one was able to combine them in an airdrop is a cruel and criminal mystery of this dark chapter in our recent history. The words 'failure of imagination' come to mind.”
He concludes:
“I refuse to believe that anyone I met at the dome has lesser value than anybody in my family that I go home to. I don't believe that about this country. I don't want that to be the lesson in this. I was angry. People were going without and dying in the wealthiest country the world has ever known.”
The ramifications of this can’t be overestimated, I think. Many, many reporters, including those like Shepard Smith from Fox, had their eyes opened by this tragedy. They were there before the spin began, and they had their own experiences to compare to the puling excuse-mongering and mirroring that Bushco began in earnest when the outrage began to penetrate their force field of entitlement. Will they hold onto this newfound ability to speak the truth and demand it from others?

They'd better. Because I see Watts and Detroit all over again if they don't.

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