Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Investigation President

"Are we ready for the next major catastrophe?"--Morning Edition, 9/7/05.

Well, sure. They'll piss around with their thumbs up their asses (the tough go shopping, eh, Condi?) until a sufficient number of expendables are dead and dying that they can safely come in, survey the devastation they've allowed, and then blame "bureaucracy" and call out in high dudgeon for another "investigation."

Sam Rosenfeld at Tapped points up the shining paradigm of the Bush admin, and the ideology that underpins it:
"That’s the Bush approach in a nutshell -- make messes, then take credit for boldly tackling those messes. Exacerbate crises, and then expend maximum effort to reap the political rewards that are inherent to occupying the office to which the public instinctively turns in times of such crisis."
And just in case you thought it didn't have anything to do with deliberate genocide, Yglesias outlines the methodical destruction wrought by Bush on the nation's safety net, though his conclusion is rather lame: left and right should come together and compromise on a solution--give money to the poor AND deal with out-of-wedlock births. Please! Out-of-wedlock births have been steadily decreasing, while the gap between rich and poor has expanded steadily under Bush. Funny how the people who claim that throwing money at a problem never works are always the people who have enough money to throw at their own problems (like education for their kids.)

Money is for those who deserve it. The rest get after-the-fact, poseur "investigations".

UPDATE:Words fail me.

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