Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Cassandra-fied Left

Running over the same old ground...
Have we found...the same old fears?

The message is still important. But each time I hear it it seems to have transmuted into more of a funereal wail and less of a call to arms. Face it. cassandraThe only people who are listening are we who made up our minds years ago, and the only reason we keep buying books like these is that we're so hungry to hear the truth---from anyone, from anywhere---that we've become complicit in the idea that these alternatives to the Official Party Line will somehow turn the tide, scales will fall from the eyes of the public, and the evildoers will be cast from office.

Instead, our money will continue to underwrite and support the criminality of the Bush government, and coddle and protect them even after they leave office.

No wonder human beings want to believe in a hell.

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