Saturday, September 02, 2006


The Washington Post reports this a.m. on a new British film whose main merit so far appears to be portraying an assassination of George Bush:
The film, "Death of a President," has been alternatively derided as a tasteless publicity grab and defended as a serious look at a plausible event that could have dramatic ramifications for the world.

"It's a disturbing film," said Peter Dale, head of More4, the television channel that will telecast the film in England in October. It is scheduled to debut this month -- on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks -- at the Toronto Film Festival...
Thereafter much blahblahblah about whether such film-making is tasteless exploitation or serious geopolitical examination (you figure it out), and then at the end there's this:
Rod Liddle, a newspaper and magazine columnist who also makes documentaries for Channel 4, said he thought the Bush film gave voice to a common sentiment in Britain.

"You will never, ever be able to overestimate the degree to which the British people loathe George Bush," Liddle said. "It will be a free round of drinks in every pub for the person who plays the assassin."
Having been to Britain a couple times since Bush took office I can assure you this is not an exaggeration.

Here in the States, the Bush-lovers are already lining up with their meme-ophones to register their left-bashing horror, but while we may not toast the assassin, there are plenty who will gaze on wistfully and dream of the "what if?" Personally, I don't think death is a suitable end for this lot. I'd like to see the floors open up and swallow the entire administration and its enablers whole, sow the ground at Kennebunkport with salt, and rid the poor earth of their abominable memory (not to mention policies-from-hell) once and for all. Seriously. Is there any thinking person out there who really believes that we would be worse off for never having been cursed with the endless salt-into-wounds incompetencies and deliberate evils of the Bush dynasty and its apparatchiks? Seriously.

But that's just me.

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