Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Country Heard From

How leadershippy of President Hope and Change to inject himself into the urgent issue of the moment:
Pressure on U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner to resign escalated as President Barack Obama called his behavior “highly inappropriate” and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi prodded the New York Democrat to heed the president’s advice to leave office...

“I can tell you that if that was me, I would resign,” Obama said of Weiner in an interview with NBC News. “When you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions, you can’t serve as effectively, then you should probably step back.”
Leaving aside the fact that the outcome of this will not matter one whit to 100% of Americans and their lives, and the fact that Weiner is from a district that can be counted on to vote in another liberal if he resigns, so the balance of power for votes won't change, and the fact that he did nothing legally or ethically wrong, and the fact that stupidity is not yet a capital offense so far as I know, and the fact that his ability to "serve effectively" is being harmed more by the pearl-clutching of the Democrats than by the fact of what he did---well, leaving aside ALL that, the question that immediately rises to my mind is where the fuck was Mr. Hands-Off when the workers and teachers in Wisconsin needed his opinion and he couldn't even be bothered to send his second-in-command to talk to them, let alone make a random comment about something he promised that, if it happened on his watch, would make him put on his walking shoes and march around in solidarity with the union protesters?

Just asking.