Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Pathetic Little Circus

This is truly sad:
For the revelations about the congressman, Mr. Breitbart partnered with ABC News, which interviewed Ms. Broussard and published its own account of her relationship with Mr. Weiner, a Brooklyn Democrat.

Mr. Breitbart, whose credibility was damaged by his release of a selectively edited tape of Shirley Sherrod, an Agriculture Department official, said he felt ABC News could help the Weiner story rise to something more than a scandal flamed by the conservative blogosphere.

“One of the reasons I went to ABC, believe it or not, was to take this out of the partisan rancor realm,” he said in a phone interview...

ABC News acknowledged Mr. Breitbart’s role in uncovering the story but declined to comment on their talks with him.
Breitbart has been shown up time and again for the liar and right-wing propagandist he is, but no matter how many times his hatchet jobs are exposed, the news media keeps giving him credence. Like James O'Keefe, he spends his days wallowing in the muck on only one side of the fence, looking not for wrongdoing but for opportunities to hurt progressive causes, faking when he comes up empty, or exaggerating when he doesn't, using the lies and rigged videos that have become the hallmarks of reactionary disinformation. Long ago programs like Inside Edition began blurring the line between entertainment and "news", and cable TV, with its 24 hour vacuum to fill, raised the ante further. And now, even in the New York Times, this is what we have that passes for serious reporting. Did anyone bother to ask how this sudden interest in Weiner's underpants might be linked to his digging into Clarence Thomas' financial disclosure irregularities? No, and they won't, because some dumb Congressman's faux pas with consenting adults is so much better rube-bait, especially when his own party falls all over itself to buy into the opposition's hooey-of-the-moment.