Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My Head Wants To Explode

Mushroom%20_Cloud First, because of this:
"The gulf between Iran and the United States deepened Monday when the Bush administration, at the opening of a conference on the future of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, demanded that Iran dismantle all the "equipment and facilities" it has built over the past two decades to manufacture nuclear material...
Mr. Rademaker's statement on Monday was intended to focus the conference on loopholes in the 35-year-old treaty, which he charged that Iran and North Korea have exploited. "Today, the treaty is facing the most serious challenge in its history due to instances of noncompliance," he said. Though the International Atomic Energy Agency has said it has yet to find concrete evidence of a weapons program in Iran, Mr. Rademaker expressed no doubts about what Iran had done."
Because we were oh-so-prescient about all that weapons-building Iraq was doing, weren't we? And then there's the stellar example we've set for non-proliferation ourselves:
"The Bush administration is seeking $8.5 million to resume a study by the Energy and Defense departments on the feasibility of a nuclear "bunker buster" warhead, but the proposal is generating opposition in Congress and some leaders are pushing for a broader review of the nation's multibillion-dollar nuclear weapons programs."
And this:
""A secure energy future for America must include more nuclear power," Bush said."
But those furriners don't need a secure energy future, since we can't trust them to runthings, anyway. Thess hypocritical lines are not lost on them, however, which is why Radmaker's statements caused such a fuss at the UN and required Kofi Annan to step in and try to make nice.

Can someone remind me why we still hold ourselves up in our own mythology as the paragon of nations? Doesn't anyone but a few two-bit lefty bloggers notice this shit?

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