Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Stuffed Men, The Hollow Arguments

For all the chin music we've heard over the last 30 years about how important science and math education are, the truth is that, thanks to an array of nincompoops, morons, superstitious cave-painters, religious numbskulls, and opportunistic political hacks, the science education infrastructure in this country has steadily rotted away.  Attacks on scientific veracity have crippled the usefulness of much of what is still being taught.  Fueled by ancient mythological constructs and fear of--well, just about anything that might pop out from behind a rock including one's neighbors, people who went to college, and elected officials, those who are most responsible for the weakening of our scientific tether to reality have wreaked such destruction that now, when faced with a genuine pandemic of deadly proportion, they have managed to convince a sizeable minority of the country that vaccines=death:

Leave no child behind?  Hell, the whole damned nation's still sitting on the launch pad while the rest of the developed world has already made it to Mars.

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Even that damned socialist Hollywood is broadcasting crankfests now.  This is truly a pitiful and shaming development:

Will Bill Maher really expect people to find him credible when he skewers the Creationist Museum, after he has devolved down to the same level of intellectual rigor as his targets?  Too many glass houses, inhabited by idiots telling tales.

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