Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trying to To Make A Ray of Sunshine Out of A Stream of Bat's Piss

People are trying to make the best out of the concessions Ben Nelson blackmailed the Senate into. Like, for instance, the abortion issue: states will be able to individually refuse permission for insurers in the insurance exchange to offer abortion coverage, and a woman will need to pay into a separate revenue stream when seeking an abortion using coverage provided by her insurer. Some say this isn't so bad. Many of those are men and women past childbearing age.

Forget what impact individual states can have on whether an insurer want the hassle of setting up different plans for different state exchanges, and whether that may influence the insurer to eliminate abortion coverage for simplicity's sake. It's that separate pay-out that strikes me as especially hollow. I've been able to do that since 1973. It's called paying out of pocket. So this does me no favors; what it does is put restrictions on what is ostensibly a legal medical procedure. But as we know, the fine points of legality have been lost on this Congress for many decades.

And BTW, is there a restriction on paying for fertility treatments that deliberately create numerous excess embryos, many of whom are then deliberately terminated in the womb? I really want to know, why is it we don't see big trucks with bloody blown-up photos and weeping children with protest signs outside fertility clinics? Why isn't there a move in the Senate to restrict them, to throw up ridiculous regulations and laws to make it impossible to find a clinic or a doctor to perform fertility procedures? Why don't we get long-winded sermons in Congress about the "holocaust" of wasted life? Oh, wait. Fertility treatments are legal, aren't they?

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