Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's YOUR Story?

From now on, let's have full disclosure from every pundit and blogger shooting off his or her mouth about the "affordability" of the Insurance Monopoly Bill. What I want to know is:

1) What is your current income?

2) What is your current health insurance arrangement---premium, cost-share, employer share, family or individual coverage, etc.?

3) Do you have a chronic illness or impairment?

4) Do you have a child or dependent, and if so, do they have any chronic illness or impairment?

5) Have you ever had to spend any time without health insurance while raising a child, caring for an impaired dependent, or living through your own illness or impairment?

6) Have you ever had a family member who went a substantial period of time without health insurance?

7) Have you ever had to put off going for medical care for yourself or another because you couldn't afford it?

The answers to these questions should certainly put the content of any blather about affordability into context, and they will tell us whether their authors have the standing to be making such a call in the first place.

Me, I'll tell all in the next chapter.

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