Sunday, April 03, 2005

Conflicted? Try Displacement Activity!

The Pope is dead. Long live the Pope.

I'm of several minds about the man. I know he did plenty of good works, as Cozmo Kramer at The Airing of Grievances and Graham at The Agonist have pointed out. I also know he held back women's rights in the church and failed to address issues which, as Norbizness and eRobin note, have led to gross inequity and the deaths of countless people.

Lucy Returned  8/02 Conflicted as I am about this,
I'm following the lead of my cats
and will spend the rest of the day
licking my coat.

Update: In spite of the fact that she took my lede AND blames women for their under-representation on the so-called dominant link heirarchy, Amy Sullivan has a decent piece on the Pope over at Salon, with some swipes at the Christian right/Bush theocrats. Sitting through the commercial this time isn't too bad--West Wing's 4th season coming out on DVD tomorrow.

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