Monday, April 25, 2005

It's All Fun and Games Till Someone Gets Hurt

This pissed me off so much I decided to cross-post it from corrente:

As a former long-time domestic violence shelter worker with some personal experience with the issue, I hold men who beat women among the lowest form of life. I've been out of that phase of my career for about 10 years now, thinking we were actually evolving as a species in the interim. So imagine my surprise at this story over at Ms. on how one bill in South Carolina to raise the penalty for cock fighting from a misdemeanor to a felony (maximum sentence from 30 days to five years) passed like a dream, while another that would do the same for a second domestic violence offense was tabled-- meaning no action would be allowed on it for the rest of the year. So then what we've got here is:
And when a local reporter, Kara Gormley, questioned state Rep. John Graham Altman about his opposition to the D.V. bill, he gave her a rash of shit about how she was too stupid to understand why he did it, and just in case she was too stupid to understand what he was saying, he told her again and again. This guy is the neanderthal who called the proposed bill "Pop Her Again", and complained that a hate crimes bill would make "white heterosexuals second-class citizens"

South Carolinians! I feel your pain! I have Rick Santorum. But trust me, the sooner you give this clown the heave-ho, the better you'll sleep.

P.S. Did I mention he was a Republican?


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