Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This and That

The Pot Calls The Kettle A Somewhat Undefined Shade of Gray

Sez Rummy:
"Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld issued a terse warning to Iraq's new leaders on Tuesday, urging them to avoid political purges or cronyism that could lead to corruption and sap confidence in the government...
"It's important that the new government be attentive to the competence of the people in the ministries and that they avoid unnecessary turbulence," he told reporters on his plane before arriving for the unannounced visit."
Yes, we'll be having none of their third-world high-jinks. After all, we've provided them with plenty of help, what with the transparency and accountability of our own example.

Rumsfeld's act was full of these comic gems we've come to expect from such a consummate performer, and he left the crowd begging for more:
"Noting a legal provision allowing a delay of six months in writing the constitution before the next round of elections, Rumsfeld said the United States would oppose such a move.
"If someone wants to hang around waiting for perfection in this business, you are unlikely to find it," he said."
Reports were that the audience leughed till they cried.

And Speaking of Free and Fair Elections...

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
reminds us that, as it's too late to avoid corruption here in the states, we might as well export the idea along with our freedom fries.
Via Buzzflash.

Because You Can Never Have Too Many Enemies

The Pentagon expands its range of persons of interest. It's this year's fashionable list to be on.

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