Monday, April 18, 2005

Three Species of Politician Identified By Entomologists

Agathidium_repentinum4 Mssrs. Wheeler and Miller have been busy little Apis mellifera. Last week they named 3 kinds of slime-mold beetle after Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, or as CNN so pithily put it, "Bush has slime-mold beetle named after him". Much like the human life they are named for, when challenged or threatened they have a characteristic ability to fend off critics:
"...They are also highly contractile and are able to roll themselves up into a virtual sphere."
As Wheeler explained, with an evidently straight face:
""We admire these leaders as fellow citizens who have the courage of their convictions and are willing to do the very difficult and unpopular work of living up to principles of freedom and democracy rather than accepting the expedient or popular,""
Yes. Fellow citizens of parasitic habit who live amidst and ingest decaying fungi and aid in the dispersal of mold spores. I see the connection.

For those looking to keep an eye out for the aptly-named bugs, Elaeomyxa_miyazakiensis.170x125 the site Mold Help notes:
"...Agathidium bushi has so far been found in southern Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia. Rumsfeldi and cheneyi are from south of the border in Mexico."

Remember David Hedison's tiny head screaming "Help me!" at the end of "The Fly"? Good times.

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