Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Lie Down With Dogs...

This is what happens when specious rhetoric and hollow buzzword bushwa form the substance of your foreign policy: k-bush-ap-pic you make common cause with murderers and tyrants, who know as well as you that the high talk of your public relations department is just so much gas:

"Russia, China and four Central Asian states called Tuesday for the United States to set a deadline for withdrawing from military bases in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan...
The declaration followed weeks of Western criticism of Uzbekistan's crackdown, which survivors said killed hundreds of unarmed civilians. Several Western organizations and governments, including the United States, have urged Uzbekistan to allow a credible investigation of the uprising and crackdown; President Islam A. Karimov has refused.
Mr. Karimov has found support from China and Russia, and the nations have increasingly pushed back, at times scolding the United States for what they portray as meddling in other nations' affairs.
The declaration followed public expressions of anti-American sentiment last week by Mr. Karimov and Askar Akayev, the former president of Kyrgyzstan, who fled in March as protesters sacked his offices.
On June 28, Mr. Karimov appeared on Russian television with Mr. Putin and obliquely accused the United States of sponsoring the prison break and demonstration that his security forces crushed in May, describing the uprising as both an Islamic terrorist act and a new form of exported revolution by foreign "script writers and directors."
But despite the NYTimes presentation of the US as one of the nations pressing for an investigation into the massacre, not long ago the story was a little different:

"Many countries and organizations, including the US, have called for an independent investigation. But The Washington Post reports that US defense officials – together with their Russian counterparts – "helped block a new demand for an international probe" last week...
The Post report suggests that the risk of provoking Uzbekistan to cut off US access to the base was behind the US resistance to pressure the Karimov government, but also hints at a rift between the State and Defense departments on the issue."
(Emphasis mine.)

So who but the clueless hubrists of the neo-con fantasyworld would be surprised if the poisonous serpents to whom they sacrificed so many expendable nobodies finally turn and bite them in the ass when the realpolitik makes it expedient. They knew it in Nicaragua, they knew it in Guatemala, they knew it in Chile. They know it in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. For public consumption it's all "Do as I say, not as I do", swathed in a highly-odiferous facade of "freedom" with a side of "democracy". But behind closed doors, the deals are brokered and the money changes hands, and people die in the most ingenious, School of the Americas ways while Johnson-Nixon-Reagan-Bush beam paternally out at the corn-fed masses at the usual 4th of July bombast.

Meanwhile, the fleas spread their disease.

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