Monday, July 11, 2005

Meth Kids

A decade of crack orphans and displaced children, and now meth kids.
speed_2 Even allowing for the usual overblown horseshit and government propaganda the media can always be counted on to parrot, it's hard for anyone who remembers the old "Speed Kills" days to argue that meth is one of the ugliest, most fucked-up drugs around, and like other uppers, brings out the worst in human behavior. The problem is that there are so many children being taken away from their parents that foster care systems across the heartland are completely unable to cope. And the behavioral problems these kids carry with them make them rather unattractive to both foster parents and potential adoptive parents:

"It has become harder to attract and keep foster parents because the children of methamphetamine arrive with so many behavioral problems; they may not get into their beds at night because they are so used to sleeping on the floor, and they may resist toilet training because they are used to wearing dirty diapers."
Hardly the tidy balls of conveniently incorporeal tabula rasa that blastocysts are. Maybe if real children were as low-maintenance and lab-clean as embyros, those humanitarians at Operation Rescue and Snowflakes would be more interested in saving them.

No, wait, sorry, the Snowflake people DO have a live-child adoption program. Why, they placed 2000 children since 1959! That's 43.5 kids a year, or enough to keep up with the most recent year's increase of homeless kids for possibly, oh, half a week:
"...the number of foster children in (Oklahoma) is up 16 percent from a year ago. In Kentucky, the numbers are up 12 percent, or 753 children, with only seven new homes.
In Oregon, 5,515 children entered the system in 2004, up from 4,946 the year before, and officials there say the caseload would be half what it is now if the methamphetamine problem suddenly went away. In Tennessee, state officials recently began tracking the number of children brought in because of methamphetamine, and it rose to 700 in 2004 from 400 in 2003."
Meanwhile, the nation's most ferocious birth control foes are busy ensuring more kids will be born into this mess and left hung out to dry. They certainly aren't lining up at the local C&Y to volunteer:

"The drain of the cases is forcing foster families to leave the system, or caseworkers to quit...
The state's only other children's shelter, in Oklahoma City, was so crowded recently that the fire marshal threatened to shut it down, forcing the state to send children to foster families in far-flung counties."
Now I'm no more ready to take on the enormous responsiblity of a traumatized child than most of these anti-birth control zealots, but I'm not standing on a soapbox demanding that others be forced to get pregnant and have unwanted kids, either. I can't think of anything more fitting than requiring everyone of these bullshit artists to sign up to adopt 2 or 3 of these poor kids, and finally make a genuine contribution to the cause of "family values".

God knows, they won't let gay people do it.

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