Thursday, August 04, 2005

For Kevin

K Hayden My dear fellow blogger and mentor, Kevin Hayden, the creator, heart and soul (and very often the main posting force) of the wonderful site The American Street, lost 2 brothers in the last week, and has suffered uncounted problems and setbacks over the past half year. In spite of it all he has worked tirelessly to make TAS one of the best blogs on the net, and as a cat-herder to the unruly mass of bloggers in his stable, he's maintained a network of cooperative effort that has been more like a family thanks to his warmth and generosity.
But these last losses have taken their toll, and he has gone on hiatus, from the site and from his e-mail. You won't see him posting now for awhile, and the rest of us will try to fill the void. Please visit the site often and, if you're a member or former member, feel free to add your talents when you wish, or when you see a need. If you're not a member, add your voice and insights to the comments. This is the way to keep it as Kevin always wanted--a place of energetic dialogue and a vital forum for public discussion on all the wide range of issues affecting the human condition--until he returns.

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