Sunday, August 14, 2005


Today's the day. Be there!


Well, it's over. It was great fun, and a surprising number of folks showed up--maybe 150, give or take. The musicians were great, and the Host Committee (of which my husband was a major player) were generous with their time, money, and musclepower. I cooked corn and hot dogs (and kosher dogs and--ugh!--tofu dogs) all day in the steamy heat, sweating like two whores in church. And I got to meet my blogsister, eRobin, and her lovely family while dripping wet in some of my most unflattering but politically trenchant duds. People stood up and talked about Social Security and how it had made a difference in their lives, and Joe Hoeffel was a mensch as always. Games, speeches, music, and tales of the days before SS.

Exhausted and heading for the couch and a cold drink. Thanks, Robin, for your help in publicizing, and to Mithras and Susie Madrak and anyone I may have missed for putting it on your blogs, and thanks to my blogsibs at Corrente for their support on this, too. Although you all may have less traffic than the biggest boys, you have something better: heart and soul and decency.

Back to the old kvetchmongering tomorrow.

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