Monday, July 31, 2006

No Wheelchair Left Unturned

7/31/06 Update: The NYTimes has a front page story on Mr. Chaloub (now spelled Shalhoub), and the aunt has become a nephew, the sister a mother. Mr. Shalhoub also uses a wheelchair, whioh no doubt enhanced his attractiveness as a target. Here's how the times described it:
The first missile struck around 1 a.m., throwing Mohamed Shalhoub, one of the relatives who uses a wheelchair, into an open doorway. His five children, ages 12 to 2, were still inside the house, as was his wife, his mother and a 10-year-old nephew. He tried to get to them, but minutes later another missile hit. By morning, when the rescue workers arrived, all eight of his relatives were dead.

“I felt like I was turning around, and the earth was going up and I was going into the earth,” said Mr. Shalhoub, 38, staring blankly ahead in a hospital bed in Tyre.

Israeli military officials said the building did not collapse until the early morning, and that “munitions” stored in the house might have brought it down. But the house appeared to have been hit from above, and residents said the walls and ceiling came down around them immediately after the first bomb.
Does the Knesset feel safer now?

No. They are in a fury that Olmert caved to Rice and is allowing a ceasefire, however truncated, and tossing out Arab members who disagree with them.. Olmert is pledging to expand the festivities on the ground, and thus waste more young Israeli lives in addition to those in Lebanon. Good move. Well, they might as well go ahead and level the entire country with a couple nuclear bombs at this point: they've made so many new enemies in Lebanon, even Christian ones, that it may be the only way to ensure their victims don't revenge themselves.

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