Saturday, July 29, 2006

Our Manifesto

Sent to friends and family this morning, the following is a letter inspired by a Jerusalem dioscesan Episcopal Bishop's cry for help. The left is tearing itself apart over this. If we can find a way to come together over this, who can say? It might prove a blueprint for peace itself.

To our more devout friends,

We thought you'd find this of value. It's a letter from a Christian Bishop in Jerusalem, on the Lebanese-Palestinian-Israeli crises in the mideast. here's the link:

We have been very concerned over these issues, and seen how it is tearing apart the community of friends and colleagues we have, because both Jewish and Arab frineds are angry, and defensive, and full of a desire for revenge. Arabs feel marginalized: Lebanese we know are afraid to express their anger at Israel for fear of reprisals. Jews who disapprove of Israel's tactics are finding themselves branded as traitors by their own families, and non-Jews who criticize what is happening are painted as anti-Semites. There seems no room for empathy or willingness to admit mistakes.

We strongly believe that the laying down of arms and the collaboration of nations toward seeking a peace is absolutely necessary, and that by abdicating its moral responsibility, our own government moves us closer to a world war while countenancing the deaths, maimings, and dislocation of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. These are actions that will only inspire more willingness on the part of the victims to turn to the very behaviors the Israelis and Americans say they want to eliminate. People who feel powerless to make change happen any other way, people who feel that no one listens to them or cares about them, will always find a way to be heard. Those with the power are morally-bound to give them a way, and understand both sides, and be willing to make concessions to pull the tooth of this violence. Otherwise, current policies will take more lives in years to come, just as past policies have sown the murders of today.

Riggsveda and Riggsveda Consort

Thanks to Juan Cole.

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