Monday, July 31, 2006


The West's heat wave is hitting the East Coast. In Philly they're calling for temperatures at or near 100 tomorrow, and worse to come through Thursday. Add to that the high humidity, and heat indexes running from 105 to 112 degrees this week, and you have to ask yourself: why on earth don't we all just take a break from work and not kill ourselves? But mad dogs and Englishmen will carry on. I'm sick of death and hate and misery, so the following is a little gift to myself (and to any of the 1 or 2 readers that may wander by.) I can't understand what it is that turns old people into heat-seeking missiles at retirement. Arizona, Las Vegas, Florida? This is what I dream of when I dream of cashing my last paycheck:
Feb_27 018
And this:
Feb_27 016
And this:
Feb_27 005
And this:
Feb_27 012
With my pussycats on my lap.
Feb_27 001

Now I feel better.

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