Thursday, November 18, 2004

Help End Nuclear Hypocrisy

The Friends Committee on National Legislation is a worthwhile group taking action and organizing grassroots change on vital issues like the war, human rights, poverty, and many other important problems both domstically and internationally. Now they have targeted the Bush admin's push to fund so-called "bunker buster" nuclear weapons, which promise to be extremely effective against cities. FCNL's site states:
"If detonated in an urban setting, tens of thousands of people could receive a fatal dose of radiation within the first 24 hours. More would be killed or injured by the extreme pressures of the blast and thermal injuries arising from the heat of the explosion. Still more casualties would result from the resulting fires and the collapse of buildings from the seismic shock that the explosion would produce. According to Sen. Jack Reed (RI), Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrators, 'are really city breakers, not bunker busters.'"
This, at a time when we are pressuring other nations and starting wars against them because they are believed to be developing their own nuclear stockpiles.

Not only do we not need to waste the $27.6 million that would go toward funding this disgrace, we also need to find some kind of moral high ground from which we can credibly preach to others about the need to disarm. You can do something about this by writing to your representatives. Go here, and find out who they are. Then give them an earful.

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