Saturday, November 06, 2004

Weekend Funnies, or, You'll Laugh Till You Cry

In case you haven't been depressed enough, or missed PBS' NOW, you can go here, and learn more about Grover Norquist's planned Norman Conquest of America's poor and middle class.

After that, now that you're sufficiently in need of a good, bitter laugh, head over to The Onion, which has gotten all political again, to see what kind of artifacts our grandchildren will be able to find in the Smithsonian after the last middle class voter has become extinct (won't be long if Norquist has his way).

David Rees has finally let loose his primal howl to inspire progressives over at Get Your War On, and Pat Oliphant, the Thomas Nast of our era, has gotten a few good zingers here and here in the last few days.

John Wooden tears into the Codpiece-in-Chief with a rousing acceptance speech at

And finally, Enjoy the Draft has a moving piece on the President's concern over a growing lack of widows for the war effort.

Update: How could I forget dear Molly Ivins, who suggests an old farmer's trick for teaching the American voting public some hard lessons.

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