Sunday, November 07, 2004

Why Can't I Just Watch a Damned Football Game?

...without Chris Collingsworth (FAUX Sports) giving me the benefit of his take on the social unrest of the Vietnam era? One moment I'm already upset enough that my beloved ex-team, the Steelers, is beating the pants off my beloved current team, the Eagles (have they no shame???). The next, I'm hearing Collinsworth spouting off on how the treatment of the returning Iraqi war vets will surely be better than that of the shameful reception of the Vietnam vets.

Of course we all remember those evil days when anti-war protesters spit on the veterans when they came back. "Baby-killers", they yelled. Right?


The only people I remember really giving the vets a rash of shit were the old dinosaurs of the VFW and the American Legion, who called them "pussies', and "drug addicts", and scoffed that they didn't know what a "real war" was like. That's right. They were turned down for membership in some of these local groups, because the old heads thought they were all drug-addled hippies.

This bushwa about how anti-war protesters hated the vets is selective memory on the part of the current war machine cheerleaders, and that's all it is. And if I wanted to hear Chris Collingsworth's political insights and personal opinions, I sure as hell wouldn't be trying to watch a freaking football game!

Get over yourself, you mutt. Stick to something you're being paid to talk about.

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