Wednesday, November 10, 2004

OK, You Can Get Those Electrodes and German Shepherds Out Again

It made good on Its promise to reach out to those that share Its nasty little values, precious. Alberto Gonzales, torture memo writer extraordinare, and a bottomless fount of information on how to flout the Geneva Convention, has just been put in charge of the camps at home. I guess it's better than the Supreme Court, as some speculation had posited, but we'll be living with Al's idea of a secure state (i.e., whatever he can get away with) until his master can be tossed into Mount Doom.

And on the Eloquent Outrage front, the Village Voice has an extraordinary issue full of wonderful pieces by Sydney Schanberg, Wayne Barrett, Michael Feingold, James Ridgway, and many others, that is essential reading to pull you out of the dumps and make you feel:
  • Not so alone, and
  • Ready to get back up and get your war on.

Myself, I'm heading for the liquor cabinet and some early holiday music by the fire.

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