Friday, November 05, 2004

Watch Your Right To Representation Go Bye-Bye

Josh Marshall at TalkingPointsMemo links to a Faux News article on the irrepressibly submissive Arlen Specter. Seems Arlen, having made an attempt at looking independent with his assurances that only judges respectful of the Constitution would get past him, has now tucked his tail between his legs and backtracked publicly, under the raise whip of the White House.

Oh, please, people. This is the man who twisted himself into pretzels trying to sound more-Bushie-than-thou in the Republican primary, bragging about how frequently he sided with Bush on his votes. Yet Democrats got out the vote for him on the basis of his "clout" and ability to bring home the pork for PA. Nice work, black clergy of Philadelphia!!! Get a clue! Who cares how much clout he has, if he doesn't use it for you?

So now that you got him, how does it feel to know that on top of this recent embarassment, Dumbya's dad's ex-lawyer is telling the world he has the plans and political will to change the 60-vote requirement to overcome a filibuster, thus taking away any chance the Dems have of blocking further reactionary judicial appointments?

"As it stands today [Democrats] can block [a nominee]," said C. Boyden Gray, former legal counsel to President George H.W. Bush. But I also believe that the president and majority leader may well decide to change the rules given the elections ... The president has a very strong political support, potential
support, for asking for and getting this change."

That would mean your reps will be reduced to the status of yappy little lapdogs, while the real business of the country gets advanced by political neanderthals.

Say goodbye.

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KJShaw said...

Mother Jones has this on the Mojo blog.

Won't dragging these amendments through the courts just allow the neocons to keep putting revised versions of them on the ballot, keeping their base motivated?