Monday, December 20, 2004

Social Security Solution---Die!

George is pushing that fabulous "compassionate conservatism" again. Can the country survive it? Or is it just a clever scheme to take the load off Social Security?

First, let's get rid of those freeloaders on Medicaid, like 16-year old boys with spina bifida.

Next, keep the FDA on the case, 'cause they're doing a "spectacular job"! You may recall Phen-Fen, Baycol, early birth control pills, or Crestor? Never mind that now Pfizer has suspended sales of Celebrex. Never mind that Knight Ridder has compiled a rather frightening list of deaths and injuries resulting from the FDA's solicitous work on behalf of the American public's safety.

With a determined effort and that patented Bush bold leadership, we should be able to knock off thousands of our own every year, and eventually the Social Security "problem" will be solved!

Then we can turn to dealing with the problem of those renegade environmentalists, whom Bush's F.B.I. was eager to blame for the Maryland McMansion arsons. Only...gee, it seems to have been motivated, not by eco-terror, but racism.

Oh, well, that we can live with.
Or some of us can.
Those of us who avoid the FDA's approved drugs.

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