Thursday, December 09, 2004

What You Do To The Least Of These...

While the spoiled, fussy, "no-one-else-in-the-world-was-ever-a-parent" Mommies and Daddies of our fair land work themselves into a lather over the exposure of their little darlings to traumas like Janet Jackson's breast and gay marriage, children in less-blessed parts of the world are exposed to real traumas: seeing their families and neighbors hacked to death or raped in front of them; being raped or murdered themselves; being kidnapped into forced servitude, sexual slavery, or conscripted into mercenary conflicts; or losing limbs to war machinery.

Philly's WHYY radio website has a page of drawings by Sudanese children displaced by the genocide that speaks eloquently to the horrors these kids have experienced and the essential universality of childhood perspectives everywhere, including their ability to embrace hope and the beauty of mundane life.

But I guess worrying about moral values only matters when it's the children of your own tribe.


Rob said...

Making a list of the things that one must 'ignore' in order to vote Republican - such as third-world debt, hunger, and poverty amongst children - beggars belief.

WHYY's a quality outlet. I wonder if they'd have a bit more guts in the face of the FCC than my local, WUNC? WUNC recently lost a sponsor over the phrase 'reproductive rights' because they were 'concerned' that the FCC might take offence. Tossers.

Riggsveda said...

I'm not sure about Chapel Hill, but Philly is overwhelmingly liberal-leaning, so the issue of sponsor fear isn't likely to come up. But the FFC really has put the fear of Yaweh into some of them...look at the United Church of Christ freeze-out.

Dark days.