Thursday, December 23, 2004


I went surfing over to Michael Berube's weblog and was surprised and pleased to see that he included me in his list of folks he thanked as being "the very best on the web." I don't know if I deserve it--there are some damned fine folks out there--but i thank him in return. Love your style, Michael. The medicine is so much easier to take when one has one's mouth open in laughter.

And thanks, too, to corrente, Tom, tresy, lambert, Xan, RDF, eloquent Leah, and the irrepressible farmer for putting me on your blogroll and putting up with my link-imbedded comments. Your community is tight. And right.

Thanks, also to those few brave souls, granny, Rob, poputonian and Walter Sobchak, who encouraged me with their comments, and to those who visited and just read.

I'm really enjoying this blogging thing. I hope I'll be at it for awhile, and be able to introduce graphics eventually (I was a graphic artist for 15 years), and for the sake of those who stop by, getting better and wiser.


Anonymous said...

The thanks go both ways, Riggs. I've enjoyed reading your blog (and your comments at Digby's). Your views are always insightful (and sometimes inciteful) and you're willing to do some of the heavy lifting to assemble a really good post. I've been meaning to write a trackback to your post on Honor from a couple of weeks ago. It hit the nail on the head. Maybe I'll get to that over the holidays.


Rob said...

Encouragment's not hard to give when it's so well-earned; keep up the good, considered, well-researched posts - they're always a pleasure to read!

Riggsveda said...

Thanks, p. And Rob, bloggin's hard. It's hard work. It'd be a lot easier if this was a dictatorship.

Oh, wait. It sorta is.

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