Thursday, December 16, 2004


Ho hum. After ensuring a fat giveaway to Big Pharma via his work on the byzantine Medicare "prescription drug benefit", retiring Good Ol' Boy Billy Tauzin (R-Loozianna) gets his just reward: the presidency of the main lobbying arm of the industry, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Sez Billy Bob:
"This industry understands that it's got a problem. It has to earn the trust and confidence of consumers again."
Yep, this'll do it.

And remember all that breath-holding over John Snow's imminent departure. which consequently dissolved into so much gas? The Financial Times reports that he stayed where is because Alan Greenspan didn't want the job. Interesting, since it would have put Greenspan, who is currently (at least nominally) independent of politics, under Bush's thumb. I don't know why Bush bothered though...Greenspan's been plenty partisan on his behalf right where he is.

And it turns out Bernard Kerik also used a flat set aside as a place for exhausted Ground Zero workers to rest, as his own personal love nest. The guy has quite a sex drive.

Ah, The Human Comedy.

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