Monday, December 06, 2004

"What Else Can I Fuck Up?" pined Georgie

Even with a record-setting number of vacation days under its belt, this is obviously an Excutive Branch with too much time on its hands.

At least Reagan would just go to sleep when the burdens of office became too much. This joker looks around for some nonsensical red herring issue that is none of his business to take his mind of all that hard work. It's hard work sending people to their deaths. It's hard work ruining the environment and flushing your children's children's inheritance down the toilet. It's hard work playing musical chairs with a cabinet that never manages to get any better.
It's hard work shoving a Christian Reconstructionist agenda down the throat of America's school curricula and into constitutional law, but a guy's gotta rest sometime, if he's gonna be ready for the Good Fight.

Thank God he's got good doggy John McCain running his errand for him. And I'm sure Bud Selig must be breathing a sigh of relief now that Our Leader is on the case.

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