Wednesday, January 12, 2005


First Sitemeter goes down on Saturday, then Blogger blows up tonight. It's like a vast right-wing conspiracy. Oh, fuck it.

First, let me say that I do not, under any circumstances, care one whit about Armstrong Williams, and that is the last time his name will darken my blog.

Second, the hide-and-go-seek for Weapons of Mass Destruction has been officially called off, and the always risible Scott McClellan sez:

"And now what is important is that we need to go back and look at what was wrong with much of the intelligence that we had accumulated over a 12-year period and that our allies had accumulated over that same period of time and correct any flaws."
Of course those among us who have not yet been lobotomized by the last 4 years will recall that "what was wrong" was that the White House pressured CIA analysts to come up with acceptable intelligence that could be warped to fit its agenda of raw aggression, and then stovepiped it to Dick Cheney for final approval.

Third, I've been in the Induction phase of the Atkins Diet that I swore I would die before doing, and I haven't had a drink for two weeks, and Christ, could I use one when I sit down to write about all this.

Fourth, Bush's ronin are preparing to drown that mother in the bathtub, taking kids and veterans down the drain with it. The man is not human, though he plays one on TV.

Finally, and most seriously, a big thank you to Kevin Hayden over at The American Street for finding something he liked in my ravings and giving them a home at his site. I am joining a stellar team of writers and journalists there as a regular contributer, and feel pretty damned overmatched, but I promise to work hard, keep my nose clean, and maybe I can grow up to be like them one day.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the gig over at TAS. You're in with great company there; quite an accomplishment.


Rob said...

Congratulation, Riggsveda! That's excellent news. I look forward to reading your pieces over there as well as here.

Did you happen to be listening to NPR this morning when the Free Republic person labelled ANSWER and their ilk terrorists for opposing Bush's inauguration & agenda? Astonishing.

Riggsveda said...

Thanks, p and Rob!

And yes, I did hear Morning Edition. What did you expect? We're making the transition from a democratic republic to a star chamber. But at least we'll be safe from homosexual love.

Rob said...

I guess I was hoping - what the hell's wrong with me - that NPR in some way would draw attention to the inanity and hate-speech aspect of his statement. Oh well.

Riggsveda said...

NPR tries, correctly or not, to maintain a somewhat objective tone even when faced with an obvious absurdity, probably because they are still beholden to the government for funds, but also because liberals have been trained for decades to bend over backward to not appear "biased". This is because for progressives, being labelled "biased" meant being marginalized as unreliable and lacking in credibility, a possible death sentence for small, struggling organizations. (Never seemed to worry the reactionaries, though.) Still, aside from pockets of PBS (Moyers, Frontline), NPR does a better job than most of getting out a true story. I'll give them hell about it while writing a check for them.

josh narins said...

Atkins? Read this.

Atkins is as much a fraud as Feith, I suspect.

I read something scientific that said people should eat six meals a day, and each should be a different thing (veggies one time, protein another, et cetera).

The South Beach Diet is designed like that, at least somewhat.

I am not a nutritionist, and I exercised a lot to get in shape one time. I feel obligated to say I am not working for any diet organization, not taking money, never even talked to anyone.

I emailed the same news to Al Franken, after he said on Air America Radio that his wife was on Atkins, and now his wife is on South Beach.