Friday, January 14, 2005

Bush Has Moment of Introspection---Magnetic Poles Collapse

Yes, it's reported by Reuters, so it must be true. And to no less a personage than her nibs, Lady Walters:
"President Bush said he regretted sending the wrong impression of the United States when he used phrases like "Bring 'em on" and "dead or alive" in his first term and pledged to be more diplomatic.
"'Bring it on,' was a little blunt," the president said in a transcript of the interview released on Thursday...
I remember when I talked about Osama bin Laden, I said we're going to get him dead or alive. I guess it's not the most diplomatic of language...
Our public diplomacy efforts aren't...very robust, and aren't very good, compared to the public diplomacy efforts of those who would like to spread hatred and...and vilify the United States..."
Gee. Ya think? What can we expect next from this newborn paragon of deliberation...expressions of empathy?

Update: Over at The Agonist, they're linking to 3 easy pieces by the Post, the Times, and the LATimes that neatly condense the results of Bush's thoughtless rush to war. Back in 2002 I remember the voices crying in the wilderness, (Lewis Lapham of Harper's, foremost among them) warning of just such a result if the neocons had their way.

Well, if George keeps making the kind of progress reflected in his puff piece with Barbara above, who knows what bloodshed and disaster we might nearly avoid in the next 4 years. At any rate, I'm sure the families of the dead can take comfort in his newly-found talents of self-examination.

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